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Metal seated ball valves for extreme operation conditions.

Metal seated ball valves for extreme operation conditions

Our customers are often faced with the challenge of determining exactly the right valve/manifold application for extreme operating conditions. For process plants I can recommend the use of metal seated ball valves if abrasive products, high temperatures and pressures are present. Extreme operating conditions with temperatures up to 450 °C and pressures up to 420 bar require a special sealing technology for ball valves. Standard soft seated ball valves simply aren’t ready for this kind of requirements. Their plastic seats would fail.

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There is no reason to specify DIN 19213 instead of IEC 61518.

There is no reason to specify DIN 19213 instead of IEC 61518

EC 61518 (DIN EN 61518) is the global standard for Manifold-to-Transmitter Flange Connections. This standard has been issued in 2001. IEC 61518 is based on the German standard DIN 19213 (latest revision 1991 before superseded by IEC 61518). So, basically DIN 19213 is not anymore used with the exception of revision 1980, which is still specified in some standards. IEC 61518 has been prepared by subcommittee 65B and I was one of the subcommittee members. I am really surprised that DIN 19213 is still used after all these years, although there is no technical reason to specify this obsolete standard.

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Tamper-proof valves against unauthorized access.

Tamper-proof solutions

Pressures of several hundred bar, temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius: Industrial valves, such as those used in power plants, the oil and gas industry or in chemical process systems, work under the most arduous conditions. In such cases, safety is the most important aspect. Not only the enormous pressure, but also the often toxic or aggressive process media can quickly become a hazard for people and the environment.

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