Holacracy & Transforming Traditional Organizations

Holacracy & Transforming Traditional Organizations.

As a business owner, your choice of organizational structure is a significant decision that can be rewarding if it matches the culture you want to establish. We all know that a functional organizational structure is crucial to teamwork, efficiency, work morale, culture, balance and growth, and ensures businesses can quickly react when there are changes in the marketplace.

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Cultural Intelligence in Modern Day Leadership

Cultural Intelligence in Modern Day Leadership.

Sometime in the past, having a high Intelligence Quotient (IQ) was an essential element of leadership. Over time, emotional intelligence (EQ) complemented this ability to quickly and intelligently analyze facts. I’m convinced that leaders with a high degree of emotional intelligence are able to connect with their audience and engage them in a personal and authentic manner.

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Marketing Management & Customer Centricity

Customer-Centricity and Marketing Management.

Unlike in the past, where the product and brand are at the centre of the company, Rethinking Marketing [1] is all about customer-centricity. It explains why the right culture, incentives and customer-centric strategy must be created and driven from the top to be successfully implemented.

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3 signs your company is not customer-centric

3 signs your company is not customer-centric.

“Customer is king!” This age-old business mantra underlines the importance of the customer in every business. What I believe the truth is, most entrepreneurs understand the importance of the customer and talk about providing quality customer experience, yet a significant number of companies are still a long way off ensuring their business functions like a well-oiled customer-centric machine.

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What it actually means to be customer-centric

What it actually means to be customer centric.

Working as a CSO, one could think that of course, you must be customer-centric… But I noticed that some of my peers don’t really understand what customer centricity actually means, they are still too much “product” focused. So, what does customer-centricity mean? Does defining it even matter? It definitely does!

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Passion & customer-centricity – A decisive factor to success

Passion & customer-centricity – A decisive factor to success.

As 2018 is coming to an end, I have used the festive season to reflect on what we at AS-Schneider have achieved over the course of the year. Very often we forget to celebrate our success and tend to focus on the challenges (and there are plenty). From the sales point of view, I’m extremely happy to celebrate one of the best years in our 143-year-long history.

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