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Emergency aid for leaking valves and manifolds

Severe problems can arise if industrial valves are defective in chemical plants or in oil or gas applications – possibly with leaks. The broken industrial valves must be replaced as soon as possible. Without long delivery times.


When industrial valves leak in highly sensitive areas, every minute counts, otherwise high financial losses or even serious environmental damage is possible. No customer wants to hear from the industrial valve manufacturer that he has to wait weeks for the delivery.

It is clear that leaks in industrial valves should not occur in the first place. Modern industrial valves naturally take the maximum safeguards to prevent such defects and leaks. I admire these technical accomplishments. But nevertheless: In my opinion, the quality of an industrial valve manufacturer as a reliable and responsible partner is also reflected in the ability to respond not only individually but also quickly to customer needs, especially in emergencies such as leaks. Of course, this only works if, as an industrial valve manufacturer, you create the organisational and structural prerequisites for rapid, flexible production, optimum delivery service and expert on-site support within the company’s internal safety and quality concept.

How can this be achieved? AS-Schneider has found an optimal solution, which can certainly be seen as exemplary with its market presence in Saudi Arabia: Last year AS-Schneider signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Arabian production and distribution company Binzagr. The Binzagr Factory is an internationally active, renowned production and sales company, founded originally as a trade partner of the quality-conscious Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco). Today, Binzagr is the nation’s leading provider of technical insulation for industrial plants and works with diverse companies – also from Germany.

Joint venture – an ideal solution

Together with these local experts, AS-Schneider now locally manufactures industrial valves for the measuring and control technology, specifically for use in the oil and gas industry – as the first provider of instrumentation in Saudi Arabia ever. For production, the same tailor-made machines are used as in Germany. This means that customers do not have to worry about compromising product quality. The joint venture with the local partner ensures extremely short delivery times and flexible and competent technical support on site. If needed, our experts and all spare parts can be delivered to the customer in the shortest time.

The additional advantage of this particular constellation: The customer benefits from the merger, of course, not only in emergencies such as spills, but also in general. AS-Schneider does not delay but is there immediately. Knowing that, customers can rest easy – and I can too, as the responsible Sales Director.

(Image Source: © m.mphoto / Fotolia)