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Work-life balance: Professional success without burnout

Work and personal life – it’s not easy to keep both in balance. A work-life balance has become increasingly important in professional life. This issue is taken very seriously at AS-Schneider. We want to offer our employees genuine added value in this area.

How can employers promote a good work-life balance? This question has been a great concern to us at AS-Schneider for quite some time. It is a topic that plays a major role in professional life. Especially for the so-called “millennials”, our young junior staff and future apprentices.

Why a work-life balance?

The problem: In the past, work and private life were separated in terms of physical location and time. Nowadays, this separation no longer exists in many areas of work. In the face of rapidly changing work and life spheres and a constant accessibility that has become the norm with mobile work opportunities and effortless information transfer, the line between professional life and leisure time are becoming blurred.

The following applies here: The more successful a professional career is, the more necessary it is to actively strive for a life-work balance. Various studies show that 99 percent of German managers are always accessible outside their regular working hours. And almost 90 percent even on vacation. At the same time, however, nine out of ten respondents feel stressed by the unlimited accessibility.

What does work-life balance mean?

Work-Life-Balance comprises more than just a few leisure activities to compensate for everyday working lifeBut it is also not a matter of resisting the new, changed way of organising work and holding rigidly to old boundaries in the face of developments.

Work-life balance means offering a new, intelligent interweaving of work and private life. Where the advantages of location and time independence can be exploitedBut at the same time consideration is given to private, social, cultural and health aspectsAccording to labour researchers, companies that offer a good work-life balance have a clear advantage when looking for new employees.

Work-life balance at AS-Schneider

On the one hand, we at AS-Schneider support a wide range of joint sports, wellness and leisure activities. Company successes are celebrated together, relatives are welcome at our company parties. We have our own health management including a company doctor who also takes time for consultationsWe also invest in attractive workplace design, for example, in the expansion of a bright, friendly canteen as a relaxation retreat.

Work-life balance at AS-Schneider also stands for the compatibility of family and career. Also for a pleasant working environment with tasks that are fun and offer opportunities to implement one’s own ideas.

Work-life balance at AS-Schneider stands for teamwork, which motivates and at the same time, leaves room for a high degree of personal responsibility and individualityYou can learn more about AS-Schneider as an attractive employer here.

Work-life balance: Our motivation

We are firmly convinced that AS-Schneider’s success is in the hands of our employees. They are the ones who have propelled AS-Schneider forward and continue to do so.

Training and education at AS-Schneider, for example, goes far beyond the standard. We have a versatile and sustainable apprenticeship concept that quickly provides our trainees and students with all the prerequisites they need to take on responsibility independently. The concept combines their theoretical knowledge with practical learning experience, too.

Read about how AS-Schneider supports the work-life balance in our brochure “Discover the added value” – Download here.


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