Secure remote access to valve data and health information acc. to NAMUR standard

Man check on PC the valve data via remote access acc. to the NAMUR standard.

Industrial facilities are an epicenter for data generation. From the ERP down to the Field Level, countless pieces of data are floating around in real-time.

The NAMUR standard is one of the go-to measures for secure remote access to valve data and healthy intelligence. The regulation excels at preserving integrity against threats from unauthorized sources.

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Asset performance management of mechanical components by industry 4.0 app

Man check on tablet the asset performance of mechanical components by industry 4.0 app.

Building a new facility or upgrading an existing one is a high-stakes mission. Even with modern technological and mechanical advances, there are thousands of tasks to juggle. Each is imperative for the delivery of an asset that withstands the site conditions and the challenges of daily operations.

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Smart maintenance in process industry based on structured data

Man use touchscreen to download digital structured data for a smart maintenance in process industry acc. to VDI 2770.

The adoption of smart maintenance practices is a leading strategy in the process industry. In new plants or recently modernized facilities, it seeks to reduce asset downtime, improve safety, and create a preventive culture among operators and maintainers. Still, plant engineers often lack access to a clean and digitized process database set for this purpose. How to make amends? Challenging suppliers in the delivery of readied structured data is essential to change the path. So, I’m going to guide you on how to get the most from your supplier in this matter. An early hint: It involves standard VDI 2770.

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Identification of devices with unique IDs – IEC 61406 / DIN SPEC 91406 and VDI 2770

Feature illustration of digital product pass acc. to DIN SPEC 91406 / IEC 61406 and VDI 2770.

This article aims to provide an overview of one of the latest trends in the process industry. The digital administration of product information!

In case you didn’t know about it, products in the process industry usually come with lots of technical documents. No matter how simple the product or project scope is, hundreds of paper pages are in demand to take it on.

In this context, the DIN SPEC 91406/IEC 61406 and VDI 2770 standards for identifying devices with unique IDs are crucial for the digital management of documentation and product information.

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Static digital twin functionality for valves and manifolds

Digital twin of mechanical components like valves and manifolds.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is getting more and more traction. The IIOT promises to transform processes of the industry. It demands the securing and availability of far higher amounts of data, at far greater speeds. Often the data is moved into cloud for big data processing. Connectivity and scalability are mandatory.

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