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Chloride Corrosion of pipeline - Chloride induced stress corrosion cracking (CISCC).

Chloride induced stress corrosion cracking (CISCC) in pipelines

The energy sector has passed through various atmospheric and process environmental challenges. How big is the challenge? It depends on the region, application, process media, and industry. It is also not limited to these factors. One of these challenges is Chloride Induced Stress Corrosion Cracking (CISCC).

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Tough leaders outlast tough times.

Inculcate resilience in your leadership attitude

A leader’s real power lies in his resilience. Resilience is a character that holds great leaders in decisive moments. Take some time to look at all the individuals who have prospered in their respective careers. You will learn that at some point in their careers, they all were struggling.

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Refrigeration in Oil & Gas industry - Performance and environmental issues.

Refrigeration in Oil & Gas Industry

Requirements are not very high in the regular refrigeration market, which includes supermarkets and industrial applications. But things are different in the Petrochemical as well as Oil & Gas Industry. As an expert for industrial valves, I often notice that the demand for high-quality valves has increased significantly in these industries. But what is the reason? Let`s find it out!

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Customer-Centricity and Marketing Management.

Marketing Management & Customer Centricity

Unlike in the past, where the product and brand are at the centre of the company, Rethinking Marketing [1] is all about customer-centricity. It explains why the right culture, incentives and customer-centric strategy must be created and driven from the top to be successfully implemented.

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DBB system in instrument piping – a cost effective safety solution (BA Series).

DBB system in instrument piping – a cost effective safety solution

I remember very well when we started the development of our Double Block & Bleed Valve Series. We called it “VariAS-Blocks”. Production started 20 years ago, and we have made many improvements since there.

We based the design on the standard SHELL MESC SPE 77/165 (which the MESC SPE 77/170 superseded) and EEMUA 182.

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