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Title image for 10 must-check factors before specifying sealing material for valves.

10 must-check factors before specifying sealing material for valves

As a plant planner, you don’t want to go down in history as the person who bought and installed leaky valves in what was supposed to be a breakthrough project. You want to be remembered as the pro who got the resistant valves that ease the plant operators’ lives and lift operational confidence.

On paper, the seals seem like a small detail to care about. In reality, they can make the difference between an efficient plant and one that suffers from frequent downtime due to persistent leakage.

Learn now, what sealing material features should you check out before buying your next valve!

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Examples of close-coupled installations in front of a petrochemical plant.

Are close-coupled installations the secret ingredient for painless measuring and improved TCO?

Am I building the plant my client wants? What needs to be done to make it so? As a plant builder, you have probably asked yourself those questions too many times. Even more, you sure know the answers. They imply technical assurance under the project’s budget and schedule constraints.

Throughout my career as an instrumentation hardware specialist, I have observed a significant trend among EPC engineers, particularly in the chemical industry. When choosing accessories for a measurement system, they tend to prioritize investment savings over the total cost of ownership (TOC). Even when those savings don’t guarantee smooth upkeep for the facility.

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Title image for sealing solutions for valves - Types, materials and applications.

Sealing solutions for valves: Types, materials and applications

During the EPC project, you define the operating conditions, process constraints, and service type for the valves with relative ease. But when the time comes to settle on the right sealing material, you suddenly lack the confidence to complete your specifications without support from your vendor of choice.  

In this blog, you’ll find insight to improve your valve selection process by learning more about sealing materials. Once done, you will know what sealing attributes to consider when buying your next valve.

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Man check on PC the valve data via remote access acc. to the NAMUR standard.

Secure remote access to valve data and health information acc. to NAMUR standard

Industrial facilities are an epicenter for data generation. From the ERP down to the Field Level, countless pieces of data are floating around in real-time.

The NAMUR standard is one of the go-to measures for secure remote access to valve data and healthy intelligence. The regulation excels at preserving integrity against threats from unauthorized sources.

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Overview of different committee work situations.

Why committee work is so important for you and your business

Being part of an industry comes with different roles and responsibilities to fulfill. Some stakeholders are operators who produce goods or products. Others are suppliers and service providers that get the parts, materials, and solutions demanded by the manufacturing and supply chain processes. There are also distributors and retailers who position the merchandise in the market. The final link in this chain is e.g. the operator. They buy the products, put them to use, and keep this ecosystem running.

If you step back to look at the big picture, this chain might seem to have a stable structure. But let me assure you that this is not the case. One vital part is missing—a puzzle piece that endlessly contributes to the success of the industry.

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