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Recharge room for employees to preserve mental and physical health

The number of employees taking time off because of mental health has increased threefold in the last twenty years.

The inability of employees to work led to losses of EUR 75 billion in Germany in 2018 – calculated on wage costs and the loss of labour productivity. The gross value-added loss was EUR 133 billion. Musculoskeletal and mental illnesses are the front-runners, causing 22.8% of sick days. These statistics come from DAK, a leading German health insurance supplier.

Promote mental and physical health

The AS-Schneider Group promotes mental and physical health at the workplace. When employees manage their health, it helps to prevent burnout and other stress-related illnesses.

AS-Schneider offers a free visit to a health and wellness studio located nearby. We also have health days every month. At these sessions, we discuss a wide range of topics. For example, we look at back exercises to relieve carrying or sitting. We also talk about mobile massage. On health days, we carry out hearing and eyesight exams. We also test blood sugar and pressure.

Preserve mental and physical health

Sore necks, bad backs. Bitten nails, frazzled minds. Restless legs. All that are issues you’ll find in the modern workplace.

Employees can become upset, frustrated, and, in the end, unproductive. They need a quiet place to which they can retreat.

This led us to think about how we could counteract these issues.  And we decided to furnish for this purpose a small wellness oasis room.

The massage room reduces these frustrations and helps increase productivity. We like having a crew of relaxed, happy employees who feel positive about the workplace. It boosts productivity and, thus, profitability. It also makes AS-Schneider a pleasant place to work.

How does it work?

A wellness masseuse is coming two days a week in our company. The employees can book the services of the masseuse for various treatments.

Take a short break in the everyday working life and recharge your batteries.

Our schedule of custom-built massage treatments is an excellent remedy. It will relieve the pressure, stress, and health problems created by the world of work.

Recharge room for employees to avoid musculoskeletal or mental illnesses.

Image Source: © New Africa (Adobe Stock & AS-Schneider)