All about Close Coupled Flush Ring

All about Close Coupled Flush Rings.

The chemical industry uses flush rings for diaphragm seals. These rings prevent clogging of the instrument connection. The technician mounts the ring between the process flange and the diaphragm seal. It has flushing ports and membranes. The flushing ports allow users to wash out particles from in front of the membrane. It also has a pressure chamber, which users can vent, drain, or fill with cleaning liquid. The user can then flush the chamber.

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Provide usability for EPCs

Flexible alignment of the pressure gauge display.

In plant construction, you often come up against challenges where standard valves no longer fit. Then, you need professional support who can advice you what to do when standard solutions don`t meet the requirements of the installation.

Some time ago we have created a simple but very helpful solution for a pressure gauge manufacturer. The solution refers to the alignment of the pressure gauge display.

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Ultrasonic Flow Meter Applications

Ultrasonic flow meter applications.

Ultrasonic flow meters are used to measure hydrocarbon gases in applications which require wide range (turn-down ratio), very high or low flow, low restriction, high accuracy or any combination of these from low pressure to super-high pressure.

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