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Passion & customer-centricity – A decisive factor to success

As 2018 is coming to an end, I have used the festive season to reflect on what we at AS-Schneider have achieved over the course of the year. Very often we forget to celebrate our success and tend to focus on the challenges (and there are plenty). From the sales point of view, I’m extremely happy to celebrate one of the best years in our 143-year-long history.

The year has not been easy, the markets were volatile, the majority of our products are more and more commoditized. By the end of the second quarter the oil and gas industry appeared to have weathered the storm of the 2015 price collapse, but towards the end of the year the oil prices have been tumbling again. Despite all the difficulties, we are going to close the year today with a record global order intake.

I believe passion in combination with our customer-centric mindset was a decisive factor to this success.

Customer-centric organization

AS-Schneider is recognized and renowned for its strides at the highest level in the industrial valve industry. In addition to our quest to ensure quality, safety, and reliability in our industrial applications, we uphold such a high standard, monitoring the entire production process – from the planning stage until its completion. However, one of our greatest strengths lie in our belief in the customers we serve – our customer-centric mindset.

As a business, our success is dependent on how people perceive our products and services.  As such, our customer-centric approach is geared towards ensuring the process is as natural as possible – from the production to the delivery of our products and services. Thanks to the quality from raw materials we use to the final finished goods, to our continued service excellence and innovation in AS-Schneider, we pride ourselves in the loyalty of our customers who, year after year, rely on our services for the products they need.

AS-Schneider’s value proposition


At AS-Schneider, we realize that business has no finish lines. Truth is, today’s solution cannot solve tomorrow’s challenges for customers. As such, we invest a great deal of effort in developing new products and customer-centric offerings in order to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. To ensure this, we maintain an open mind toward our customers, as they help us improve our production process and the portfolio of our products.

Customer-centric service excellence

Achieving customer satisfaction is crucial to the way we conduct business – and even the success we have achieved over the years. Therefore, we try to establish strong relationships with our client base, maintaining cooperation and collaboration and providing tailor-made services to fulfill all of the needs that may arise. In order to ensure this process is sustainable, we perform satisfaction surveys on a regular basis as this helps us improve and adapt our offering to our customers’ needs.

Customer centricity is not limited to providing quality customer service. It means offering premium services from the initial stage, through the purchasing process, and to the post-purchase process. It means putting our customer first as they are the core of our business. This strategy has formed the foundation for AS-Schneider. Over time, we have grown to understand our ideal customer, design our delivery to fit their needs, and receive feedbacks from them to ensure continuous improvement.

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

From O&G, chemical and companies in the power generation industry to OEMs and smaller servicing firms, AS-Schneider serves customers of all types. We recognize that by paying attention to little details, we can achieve our ultimate goal of providing quality, unrivaled services that endears us to our customers – no matter the type.

I’m taking this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers, business partners and own teams around the globe for the achievements in 2018 and wish all a happy as well as healthy new year 2019.


Image Source: © Ian Schneider (Unsplash)