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Successful DUALIS re-certification

AS-Schneider offers apprentice training at the highest level. Our family company has been recertified. In autumn this year, AS-Schneider again received the coveted DUALIS certificate for outstanding apprentice training.

AS-Schneider is one of Germany’s best training companies

Even the experienced DUALIS auditors were impressed by the above-average training offered to young people at AS-Schneider. Only companies whose training offers far above than the usual standard receive the DUALIS certificate. At AS-Schneider, the high requirements that apply to top vocational training according to DUALIS guidelines have been exceeded once again in many areas.

Not without a little self-interest: The goal of the training is the subsequent hiring. AS-Schneider has been training young people for decades. Many of our former apprentices are now employed in the company in a responsible function in both technical and commercial areas.

Praise from auditors for top training

In November 2015, we faced the audit for the first time – and passed with no problem. For the recertification audit, four external auditors visited us again in autumn that year to critically examine and evaluate our vocational training processes. There was a lot of praise for our promotion of young talent, for the wide range of courses on offer and for the design of the training. One positive example was the implementation of our social project, which has been organised and carried out annually by our trainees for three years. However, there was also recognition of our training plans, where topics which need to be worked through with the trainees are recorded in great detail.

Qualified trainers and training representatives in each department are responsible for training. In addition, our apprentices in the technical area learn in our own apprentice training centre, on state-of-the-art machines, with challenging projects and in-house advanced training. In addition, free sports and leisure activities promote team spirit and motivation.

There were only a few minor points of criticism during the recertification. In the assessment forms, which trainees have to fill out together with the respective training representative, the auditors complained that not enough care had been taken in filling them in and that too many fields remained empty. Our training representatives will discuss the points of criticism in detail and address the improvements.

Apprentice training for the future

We are very happy to have successfully passed the DUALIS recertification and are proud to announce that we can continue to successfully accompany young people on their way to a successful career as an outstanding training company. The recertification obtained is valid for 5 years, meaning that the next examination will take place in 2023. You can read more information about training and studies at AS-Schneider here: Training/studies


Image Source: © AS-Schneider